Solid network connectivity is key in any environment, and our wireless solutions can help take it to the next level. From small remote offices to large commercial facilities and outdoor areas with hundreds of access points, we can design a solution that ensures any endpoint in the area will have a high speed, reliable, secure access to your network.


Extend access to your internal LAN or the internet through a centrally managed WiFi solution that will increase reliability, increase coverage even with fewer access points, and reduce maintenance or support. We have implemented large scale solutions for customers that realized an almost complete reduction in support effort for their WLAN and the devices using it. Centralized management, zero-touch provisioning, AD integration and the most advanced authentication mechanisms available help ensure that the devices that should be accessing your network can, and the ones that shouldn’t cannot.

Point-to-point & multi-point microwave

You may have multiple locations with a reasonable proximity that you need connected, or you’re looking for some redundancy to back up your physical connection. Our point-to-point wireless solutions can provide a high speed, reliable connection between two or more locations as far apart as 100km at a significantly lower cost than pulling a high speed, long distance fiber.

OptiNet delivers wireless networking solutions in Metro Vancouver and the Fraser Valley, and works with partners across the country for branch locations. Contact us now for an evaluation and quote!