The winds of change are upon us

Seemingly almost overnight the trend towards remote work moved to light speed. Out of necessity, businesses around the world who have resisted this as an option for their employees are now making it mandatory. They are rushing to get themselves equipped to do so, and our team at OptiNet has been working tirelessly to help our customers do just that.

If you run a business who is dealing with this issue, we can help. We specialize in communications and technology services designed to facilitate the ability to connect people across great distances and allow them to work together.

If your business is struggling with this transition we have a cloud-based solution that can help bring you up to speed, including integration with Microsoft Teams if you are already using that. In order to try and support businesses during the pandemic we are offering:

  1. Free installation
  2. Free porting
  3. Free conferencing
  4. Free handsets
  5. Free services until May

For most small business with straightforward requirements implementation can be completed fairly quickly.

We can also help with IT services to get your network and users set up to work remotely, along with ongoing support if that is required. This includes network redundancy, remote backup, server/desktop support, Office 365, Teams, as well as assistance with business continuity solutions.

We’re here to help your business. Reach out to us at or 604-288-1300.

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